creative design ideas

We've grown this little enterprise from a passion for landscape that led me to go back to school and inspired me to form GLD.  Now we've won "Best of Houzz" 2013 though 2020 as well as "Best of Gwinnett" for 8 straight years - thanks to you our clients!

We're unique in that we take on only one project at a time.  That allows me to focus my creativity on a single client, from initial design, through installation, and beyond.  Many of my clients end up as good friends, but all of them become my marketing force.  We've never spent a penny on advertising.  That would only cost our clients more.  Instead we've relied on what our clients say about us to their neighbors, friends, and family to help us do what we love best - create beautiful landscape rooms.  We offer both Topographic as well as Digital Designs for our clients.

We're unique in the Landscape Industry